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Scandinavian design disguised as a galosh

The Scandi-Cool SWIMS galosh is a modern take on the evergreen rubber overshoe. 

Are you the owner of a nice pair of shoes? With leather soles? Italian, maybe? Handmade? If your answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then you are obliged to own a pair of protective galoshes. A galosh is simply a rubber overshoe that you easily slip over your favorite shoes to keep them dry and protect them from dirt. You wouldn’t drag your expensive leather briefcase through the mud, so why expose your shoes to unnecessary dirt? 

Why you need galoshes

Even the most expensive leather shoes can only handle so much rain. Water will eventually ruin them. And not even the world’s biggest umbrella can keep your feet dry on a rainy day. Not to mention the smell that arises when you remove your shoes and peel off your soaking wet socks – a disaster waiting to happen. Sure, rain boots are perfect for the rainy season, but maybe not your first choice for work, a hot date or a party, right? 

Slip the galosh right over your leather shoes and you'll be ready for any kind of weather. In Scandinavia, one can experience all four seasons in just one day during fall and spring. So slip'em galoshes right off when you arrive at the office, the meeting or the restaurant and put them in your bag, or just keep them on! You can easily take your shoes off while your galoshes are still on – no stress.

Scandi Cool

Ever heard of the expression Scandi Cool? It’s and admired and sought-after style around the world. The Nordic style is simple, democratic, effortlessly cool, wearable, confident and absolutely functional.

But if you have ever considered galoshes before, you might have noticed that this is a product made of 100% natural rubber? So, what if you don’t like black rubber on your shoes? What if you are a bold, stylish fashion front runner? Then you would go for orange, red or yellow galoshes. What if you love the style of the fashion front runners, but don’t think it completely matches you? Then you would choose olive, navy or brown galoshes. What if you plain and simple prefer black galoshes? Ok, ok! We’ve made black galoshes too!

SWIMS knows galoshes very well too. It’s the product that essentially gave birth to the SWIMS story. Living in Scandinavia, we’ve had our share of ruined shoes and wet feet.

So, in reinventing this forgotten evergreen, we have embraced Scandinavian Design history, and made a minimalistic, functional, clean, and cool galosh. No muss. No fuzz. That’s the SWIMS galosh.